Turkish Bath

Ottoman Turkish Bath Marmaris

Ottoman Turkish Bath Marmaris

Marmaris, which is preferred by local and foreign tourists during the summer months, offers various activities for its new visitors to enjoy their holidays. The most important of these activities is to enjoy the sun by the sea and forget all the worries you have while reading your book by the pool. Although it varies according to the wishes of the holidaymakers, the nightlife with close transportation is one of the most preferred activities for young holidaymakers. Whether Marmaris has its own flavors or entertainment options, it enables visitors to have a dream vacation.

In addition to all of these, the most recommended activity for the first time guests, especially for a holiday to Marmaris, is to enjoy body detox after an hour in Turkish baths. This is the reason why Turkish Ottomon Bath Marmaris has recently been the most popular tourist destination, and that tourist groups have started to prefer Marmaris for holidays every year. It is one of the most preferred holiday destinations both in and out of season with the beauty offered by its architectural features and the purification session it offers to its visitors. Thanks to the ease of transportation and short distances in the town, visitors will not have a hard time traveling from accommodation to baths. The proximity of the baths to the central places causes holidaymakers to visit the baths frequently.

Unique Features of Turkish Bath

Modern life has shown us that career rushes can pose serious psychological problems for the stressful, especially people living in the metropolis. Experiencing psychological fluctuations can cause complications in the body that we are not used to in daily life in terms of human health. A considerable part of the toxins exposed in big city life accumulates in important parts of the body and invites the disease. Turkish baths, which have become one of the important building blocks of alternative medicine in the last few years, offer their guests a detox option.
Thanks to its architectural structure, Turkish baths keep the heat inside and remove the toxin out of the body with water vapor. In this way, when the person using the bath passes to the belly stone for massage and washing and is treated, he removes a considerable amount of toxin in his body and relaxes.

Turkish Baths Find Solutions to Muscle Building Problems

If local and foreign tourists have chosen among the Ottoman Turkish Barth Marmaris options, they will find that the baths in Marmaris are much different than their counterparts. The baths in Marmaris are full of businesses that are consciously educated about their human body and muscle structure, and that allow visitors to leave purified and peaceful separation, just like spa centers in Europe. He pays attention to the fact that the basic service standard of the personnel working in all of these enterprises is above. It is among the first targets of the operators that visitors who come for purification or relaxation trust the center they go to, find the comfort they seek, and frequent their central visits by being satisfied with the service they receive.

Psychological Language of Body and Effects on Muscle Building

The negative effects of the metropolitan city on human psychology also cause the body to experience physical health problems. When the big city is flowing faster than normal, the rush of catching somewhere, the psychological pressure that people are exposed to causes problems, especially regarding the body muscle structure. Stress and nervous breakdown of psychology causes the physical difficulties, which we call contraction of the state in the language of the human, to become more rigid by the function of the muscle structure, and what we call involvement, muscle and joint pain.

However, the psychological problems experienced prevent the bacteria and viruses from making the human body sick, which we call the organism, by weakening the immune system. While man is running in a multi-storm of responsibility in his own life, he cannot spare time for himself. Therefore, he cannot deal with his psychology and his own soul. For this reason, the subconscious that is under pressure causes psychology to be forced. As a result, psychological illnesses cause the person to start using drugs and take serious doses of antidepressants and lose control of his life. Unfortunately, antidepressants, which have become one of the side effects of the modern age, are easily prescribed by many psychiatrists today. The fast-flowing time of modern time is trying to quickly find the solution with drugs, rather than spending it on taking care of itself. However, before using these drugs, it should be reminded that. We would like to say that the limits of the body of the human body are very flexible, so you will increase each time in terms of the dosage of the drugs you will use and at some point you will start to have difficulty living without these drugs. Instead of using these drugs, take one day of your holiday to go to the baths. The very open structure of the baths to socialize will help you meet different people.
Ottoman Turkish Bath Marmaris holiday option offers a reliable purification to its visitors with its personnel who are well aware of the above-mentioned problems and knowledgeable about the biological system of human beings.

Modern Baths for those who desire Modern Baths for those who desire

There is a reason that the Marmaris resort prefers people of all cultures among the holiday options. To get lost in the visual feast full of harmony of sand and sea, to present the mechanics of a modern holiday to those who want, and the beauties of oriental culture to those who want. In addition, the fact that it makes its guests feel that they are coming back to life by cleansing their guests in the baths leads Marmaris to attract especially foreign tourists. Long-term trekking helps visitors who want to explore Marmaris both to do sports and to discover the town like an explorer.

The baths, which are influenced by both the modern western structure and the oriental culture, continue to serve with the western concept or the eastern concept according to the guests’ preference. Baths, one of the most beautiful achievements of Ottoman culture, continue to offer health and purification since the Ottoman Empire.

Baths In The History Had Been Socializing Places

The first examples of baths built by the Romans before the Ottomans appeared in the 1st century BC. According to the researches, the baths heated by the central central heating system under the influence of heating revealed the healing day of the water vapor. During the Roman empire, senators became places to lobby for parliamentary elections. With the decision to be taken, he was subjected to political interventions here. The researches made many years ago that the important murders of intriguing parliamentary life also took place in Roman baths.

The transfer of the Turkish bath culture from the Byzantine to the Ottoman Empire with the acquisition of Istanbul caused this culture to continue. It is worth remembering that Hacamat treatment is also a product of the bath culture. People who use baths in history, after sweating in the bath, before going to sleep on the belly stone or after getting up from the navel stone, the method of hijama is applied for the relief of their pain or problems in the back region. The first part of Hacamat is one of the methods accepted in alternative medicine. Applying the custom made glass mugs heated by wax to the back of the person who will make it, swells the part where the cups are closed by removing the toxin in the area. Then, the mugs are removed without hurting the person who made the hijama. This process continues to be applied to the wing waist and nearly ten parts of the back of the person.
The second part of Hacamat process is applied with those who desire. In the second part, a small incision is made before swelling is applied to the swollen area to other areas. Pressure is applied to get dirty blood out of the incision. This cut is as small as the cut that appears when you rub your arm against the wall.